Welcome to Our UK Sportives 
5034EventsUKsportive has been in the Sportive arena  for many years and started with the well known and well reviewed by Cycling Weekly - The Spring Onion. Since all those years ago we have tried many different things with events and dates,but The Spring Onion has always  been in its place as a well known season opener. In 2019 we are going back to a formula riders liked - THE DOUBLE HEADER . This is where we run the Compact 50 on the Saturday and the Spring Onion on the Sunday , we will be running this format twice a year March and September a great way for riders to measure their annual performance. 

Our events have good mid feed stations, chip timing , mechanic . Sag Wagon , clearly marked course,Pasta, and a decent ride pack.  All our events leave from Cobham Village Hall but as more events come on different locations will be found. Enter and complete ALL 4 events and complete them within the cut off times and get 15% of our trip to the GF Prosecco in 2019 , - 
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