Welcome to European Cycle Events 

Terms and Conditions


All bookings made from the 1/1/2018 will have the following conditions added and these will become part of our standard terms and conditions.

Any payment NOT made by its due date may that be an interim payment or the final balance could result in your booking being cancelled with NO refund of any previous monies made. 

If  you are late with a interim payment to keep your booking the current balance must be made in FULL or your booking will be cancelled..  

If you are late with your final payment your booking may well be cancelled , this will be a last resort . 

In addition to the above late payment will incur a £25 additional charge for any every seven days of part of seven days late. This will be added to our current statement/invoice. 

We apologise for these conditions but whilst many people pay on time there are a number and not just the odd one that take advantage and go well beyond the due date. 

Once a holiday payment has been made,  part or complete you are given 14 days from the date of that payment to ask for a refund hence cancelling your booking. Any previous booking payments will be lost , the 14 days applies to the "current payment."  A cancellation can only be accepted via email to Europeancycleevents@gmail.com , any other communication will not be accepted.  In addition to a cancellation full name and date of payment must be supplied in the email.  

Please remember when booking a trip ALL documentation and payments must be submitted on time , failure to do so will result in your place being lost and NO refund.  This may sound harsh but we do not mean to be but we have obligations to organisers and hotels. Our requests superseeds the organisers requests as we have other demads upon us. In addition we do not just have your booking deal with we have many customers  on the same trip, thanking you in advance for your understanding. 


If you are sharing a room and the person you are sharing with drops out you will then be charged single room occupancy fee unless you or European Cycle Events can find a replacement  We will always do our best to find a replacement (of the same sex) but in the event we can't or you can't  then single room occupancy will apply.

Travel Insurance

It is a company policy of European Cycle Events  that all customers travelling with us have adequate travel insurance covering accident, personal injury, loss of luggage and cancellation. If you cancel your trip with European Cycle Events Limited , you are liable for any costs and losses, so please be sure to you have travel insurance.


European Cycle Events Limited are not liable for personal injury, death, damage to property or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellations, flight changes, delays or any other matter beyond our control. Participants should insure against all such possibilities. Participants should also check that their travel insurance covers them for Public Liability in the instance they a participant is deemed to cause an accident.


European Cycle Events Limited reserve the right at any time to substitute alternative accommodation or to make any other alteration to the tours which become necessary due to circumstances beyond their control and undertake to inform participants as soon as possible. If the required number of bookings (10) for a trip is not met then European Cycle Events have the right to cancel a trip and a full refund will be given to the customers. This notice will be given ASAP  , please mote European Cycle Events will not refund any other customer costs , for example flights.

European Cycle Events  have the right to refuse/cancel any  booking without giving a reason and any monies that may have been paid to European Cycle Events will be refunded in full.

Client Equipment

It is also a condition that participants wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times while cycling and that all participants ensure that their road bike is in good working order before they arrive for a trip. We recommend that you have your bike  serviced before your arrive.

Force Majeure

This means that we will not pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any way because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These can include, for example, war, riot, industrial dispute (for example, the disruption or closure of airports or other transport systems), terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions. In the unlikely event of the cancellation/postponement of the sporting events for whatsoever force majeure reason, 5034 Events cannot be held responsible in any way for any monetary loss, inconvenience or any other circumstances, including non-refundable events fees. 

All riders that we (European Cycle Events Limited ) enter for Italian Gran Fond's or French Sportives will be entered under the team name of "Team European Cycle Events" or a variation of this.

Email Address  

When entering our events / holidays your email address will be automatically add to our database. If you do not wish for this to happen please email us with the title "unsubscrible".

We have never and will never sell on your email address to another company with the exception of European Cycle Events being brought by another company.  From time to time we work with other organisers and we may email you regards the event we are working on but we will NEVER pass on your email address to them. 

Bike Transport 

Please note if you have booked bike transportation via lorry or in a fully enclosed trailer then any issues must be directed to Cycle Logistics Limited not European Cycle Events.

5034Events t/a European Cycle Events has the right to refuse a booking  without  giving reason.