Spring Onion Early - 24/3/2019             Spring Onion Late - 29/9/2019

We have run many Sportives over the years and have been adjusting to the changes the scene has gone through. We feel that the trend has dropped off somewhat and people are venturing outside UK to places such as France Italy and Spain as we have noticed ourselves in the uptake in bookings for our trips to Italy. The UK scene is dominated by the big players nevertheless there are some events that have a good following for many reasons such as The Spring Onion and Compact 50. So with this in mind we have decided to go back to a formula we have used in the past which is a double header weekend.  We will run The Compact 50 on the Saturday and The Spring Onion on the Sunday twice a year from 201. 

These events will be called EARLY and LATE and a great way to measure your performance over the season and test your back to back day riding performance.  With all that in mind we look forward to seeing you in March and September 2019 if not before on one of our trips abroad .   

Discounts -

Get £5 off each event after entering your first , so get a great Sportive for a s little as £17.50 in addition

Complete all 4 events within the cut off times and get 15% off when booking our GF Prosecco  2019

Compact 50 - 2018 

Welcome to our UK Sportives 

  Compact 50 Early - 23/3/2019           Compact 50 Late - 28/9/2019